Add Listings

Get the greatest exposure for your listings by uploading and managing them all in one place. You can add photos, while baseline property data will help manage your listings.

View Tasks

With instant tasking ability, create and complete tasks online. Instantly receive and respond to tasks, while ensuring that all tasks are completed correctly, and on time.

Manage Expenses

Make sure you are always aware of your expenses by submitting and tracking each expense. Create and manage expenses by individual properties, and easily find any expense by property, detail, or team.

Search All Listings

By having the ability to search all of your listings, quickly find the property you need for your client. Easily break down searches by your listings or by the RES.NET community listings, and ensure all listings are completed by seeing each one listed.

Manage Offers

Make the offer process more streamlined by managing offers electronically. Speed up the process by sending requests for best and final offers, while visually showing buyers and sellers each offer being submitted.